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The Role Of The Family Law Paralegal


Family Law Paralegal | Role Of The Family Law Paralegal


Family Law Paralegal – The Role and Job Description of the Family Law Paralegal LDA


Family law is a body of statutes governing of domestic relationships, especially relationships those between parents, children, and spouses. Each State has unique statutes in regards to family law, these embodiments of different statutes are termed as Domestic Relations Code, Family Code, the Children’s Code,and Domestic and Marital Relations Code.


A Family law paralegal is a legal assistant to an attorney that specializes in family law cases. Family law paralegals job description is very large and depends on the attorney or organization they work for, however there are a few things that they perform that are all the same. Their employment and career entail coping and handling different cases that are pertinent to Family Law situations. They also must possess other various skills in relevance to other fields of law.Family law paralegals usually act as a liaison for the attorney and the client in every aspect of a case except the actual practice of law,consults, and court proceedings.


Here are a few subject matters that Family law paralegals deal with:


  • Divorce
  • Marriage contracts
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Domestic violence
  • Local and State Family Law
  • Child welfare


The Family law paralegal has to deal with many factors emotionally,professionally, and tactfully. They must perform tasks in the various genres of family law listed above. However, there are generalized descriptions of several procedures that their job entails. Here is a breakdown of those procedures and tasks:


Family law paralegals conducts interviews with the parties involved in domestic disputes, divorce, or child custody. Depending on the attorney and the assistant’s experience the lawyer will be present or sometime not. The paralegal will take notes of all the necessary information and document them accordingly.


Family law paralegals also conducts and hold an investigation. He or she will gather the information relevant to upholding and making decisions upon the criteria and evidence that they acquired. This could mean bringing witnesses in, locating an absent party, or uncovering assets of individual’s. In addition, coming up with other important document such as marriage licenses and birth certificates.


Service of Process. The Family law paralegal is commonly responsible for noting when and how the defendant is served and also forming a detailed report on service and any difficulties thereof.


Discovery. Family law paralegals must draft Requests for Production of Documents and Interrogatories , and provide response to those offered by the other party, It is one of a Family law paralegals most valuable assets, because it saves the lawyer precious efforts that can be spent on other activities.


File and Organize. One of the main tasks of Family law paralegals is to keep track of document by filing them. An assistant may have a file for all motions, hearings, and depositions, and another file for evidence, financial assets, incidences, statements from interviews, and other information.


A Family law paralegal is the right hand to a Family law attorney.Their presence and use is priceless to the people that they come in contact with everyday of their work. They help couples, children, and the attorneys they work for through valiant feats of their abilities to perform research, empathize, understand, listen, and act when necessary to do the best job that they possibly can.


Family Law Paralegal – The Role and Job Description of the Family Law Paralegal LDA


Family Law Paralegal


The National Federation of Paralegal Associations defines a paralegal as “…a person qualified through education, training or work experience, to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer. Paralegals may be retained or employed by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity or may be authorized by administrative, statutory or court authority to perform this work.” Paralegals adhere to recognized ethical standard sand rules of professional responsibility.


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