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The Role Of The Corporate Paralegal


Corporate Paralegal | Role Of The Corporate Paralegal


Corporate Paralegal – The Role and Job Description of the Corporate Paralegal LDA in the Business Environment


Corporate law involves a great array of elements that are encountered in conducting corporate business. These are matters that are of relevance to non-profit organizations, agencies, corporations,partnerships, and large businesses. In addition, it is the law practice of various business associations. The entire principle of corporate law is built around the principle of the way that businesses and companies are governed and regulated by law. These laws are all centralized around the immediate subject – corporations and their existence, how they run, who they interact with, and what they do.


Where there is corporate law, there is corporate lawyers whose jobs are to assist companies and corporations with upholding the law and with all the legalities that it entails. However, there are often the legal assistants of the lawyers known as corporate paralegals. They are just as important if not more so than lawyers, because corporate paralegals are the ones that work behind the scenes to accomplish legal solace for the corporations. Corporate paralegals have many duties, and their job descriptions are often lacking the explicit details that they undergo when performing their job. To give you a better idea here is a breakdown of some of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that a corporate paralegal performs:


Prepare documents, materials, and relevant forms in all attributes of the corporate world. This can include mergers of companies, dissolutions of businesses or partnerships, amendments, and withdrawals. All of the documents prepared have to be in accordance with all state, local, international, and federal laws and regulations for conducting business.


The corporate paralegal may handle disputes that are claimed against or from the corporation. This entails assisting the lawyer with all details involved in court proceedings and Alternative Dispute Resolution services.


Any investments (stock certificates) and such are reviewed and completed by the corporate paralegal.


The corporate paralegal performs the necessary forms involving franchise taxing, and will submit them to lawyer for review.


The main job duty that a corporate paralegal performs is that they keep up with the necessary files such as maintaining the corporate and business books and accounts. Not such as an accountant but the legal implements of them.


When any transaction is involved the paralegal helps with the necessary preparations of the transaction. This is usually true foreclosing transactions in reference to public offerings, acquisitions,mergers, dissolutions, and more.


Security filings are a big job duty for corporate paralegals.They prepare these types of filings that have to be in compliance with the relevant securities acts, and work collaboratively with the attorneys to assure they are accurate.


UCC research, documentation, and filing is another task that corporate paralegals are responsible for. Corporate paralegals work with attorneys to file, document, and prepare UCC filing. This is including the various requests from and within guidelines of all states.


Corporate Paralegal – The Role and Job Description of the Corporate Paralegal LDA in the Business Environment


Corporate Paralegals


The National Federation of Paralegal Associations defines a paralegal as “…a person qualified through education, training or work experience, to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer. Paralegals may be retained or employed by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity or may be authorized by administrative, statutory or court authority to perform this work.” Paralegals adhere to recognized ethical standard sand rules of professional responsibility.


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